Have you gone to a so called Jewish Deli that told advertised that they were a real New York Deli? and wound up with the biggest disappointment in your life. The sandwich had more vegetables and bread than meat? Or the Corned Beef or Pastrami tasted lousy? 

Well this is what a sandwich should look like! This is a sandwich!!!


In this half of the sandwich has at least 8 ounces (half pound of meat) of fresh of delicious Corned Beef. This sandwich was actually taken by me at the The Route 58 Delicatessen in Virginia Beach in Virginia.

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The Route 58 Delicatessen was started  by Jeff. He was a radio DJ for many years when he decided to open up a delicatessen in the South that actually tasted and served Sandwiches and food like a New York Deli would. He accomplished that very well. The Rout 58 Delicatessen specializes in Corned Beef and Pastrami. They are cured and baked on the premises. The meats are a great quality. When you order any of these meats for a sandwich they will cut it the way you like with make the sandwich the way you like it.

Now if you are not into Corned Beef or Pastrami, they a wide menus of other sandwiches and meals. My favorites are the turkey sandwich and the Whitefish Piece Platter. I love the Knishes there too. They are wonderful!!

There is always plenty eat on your plate. One suggestion, your best value is to order the Full Pound order, you get two meals in one. You won't be able to finish the whole sandwich. You have it later as a nosh or another meal.

Now if you are finished with eating and you want dessert! The Route 58 Delicatessen has a wide range of cheese cakes, pies, and Rugulah from the famous Carnegie Deli all the way from  New Jersey. They are shipped fresh to The Route 58 Delicatessen. Take a look at the bottom of the great desserts they offer there.

 For more information and location for The Route 58 Delicatessen go to the website at www.58deli.com or call them at 757-227-5868.


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