Welcome to Rock City Raptors at Lookout Mountain in Georgia!

This is another extraordinary site to see, Rock City Raptors at Lookout Mountain in Georgia right in the Rock City area. This shows unusual birds of prey. These are birds that hunt for their game. Birds such as owls, falcons, vultures, and many other birds appear in the show. There are different trainers that will speak about the birds as they demonstrate how the birds move and fly. This is a great show for families and bird lovers!

Watch the Video!

For more information about the Rock City Raptors, here is the URL: https://www.seerockcity.com/about

If you are at Lookout Mountain, also take a look at Rock City and the Fairyland Caverns. In addition, visit the Tennessee side to Chattanooga at Lookout Mountain to see Ruby Falls. You can also see my videos of everything at those sites and other places I visited at https://www.adventspener.us at Adventures of Spencer J. Fox.

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