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If you in Chapel Hill seeing the sites at University of North Carolina or see a Tar Hell College Basketball game, come to Merritt's Store and Grill in Chapel Hill. Their sandwiches are out of this world! They bake their own breads and grow their own delicious tomatoes which are thick meaty and juicy. Their specialty is their BLT with their wonderful tomatoes. They have also a wonderful breakfast menu.

When you go there, you can either park in front or across the street. They are mainly open for breakfast and dinner. You can dine either inside or outside in the front or side where there is a beautiful bamboo garden.  This is worth it to take a drive to Merritt's Shop and Grill, they are best sandwiches I ever tasted.

For info. go to their website at or their phone: 919-942-4897. Location: 1009 S. Columbia St. Chapel Hill NC  27514.

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