Horn in The West

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Join Adventures with Spencer J. Fox with some good history of the Revolution, Boone, North Carolina, come and see in the summer "Horn in the West" This is a play about during the American Revolution when The British try to wipe out the Colonists. There is a big battle and the Colonists win. Daniel Boone is one of the main characters that helps rounding all Colonists to fight. See it at the Daniel Boone Theater in Boone, North Carolina.

This was a very colorful and exciting performance to see. There was a lot of action and history. The play showed a lot of violence was historically accurate. The costumes were wonderful. Horn in the West showed scenes of dancing and singing that made you feel lilke you back time.

This play only appear seasonally in the summer. I recommend very strongly to see this play. To plan to see Horn in the West, the website is www.horninthewest.com or phone: (828) 264-2120


Hickory Ridge Living Musuem

Camping World;

Come to next door to the Hickory Ridge Living Museum. This is an actual living museum that features actual buildings from the Colonial and Mountain Settlers. The costumes are fantastic and there is a wonderful guided tour. You will see a different a person in costume that will explain each of the building, what purpose it was used for, and it's history.

For more information: www.hickoryridgemuseum.com  or Phone: (828) 264-2120.


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