Chanukah is here! Chanukah in the Triangle, North Carolina!
Chanukah starts Thursday December 10 and ends Friday December 18, 2020 (Hebrew Calendar 25 Kislev 2 Tevet 5781). 
Time for lighting the Menorah and eating Latkes! There so many places to go to if you want to join fellow Jews for a Chanukah Celebration in the North Carolina Triangle Area, which Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill. You can call Chabad of Raleigh, Congregation Sha'erei Israel at 919-847-8986 or Chabad of Cary at 919-651-9710. Also online at or There are also many other listings for Chanukah on the internet to go to a Chanukah Event near you. Watch my video and see what is happening in the Triangle here in North Carolina. 

However, because of Covid restrictions first call the synagogues to make sure what is going on at the parties with Covid. 

Watch the video on Chanukah in the Triangle.


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