Come to the Atlanta History Center

in Atlanta, Georgia.


If you come to Atlanta, Georgia, you must visit the That Atlanta History Center. This is something you don't want to miss. The museum is huge. Offers many interesting displays from different rooms of living in the early 20th Century, from old colonial living quarters to diners from the 1950s. There is the famous Civil War Cyclorama which is a round room that offers a history of the Civial War fought in Atlanta. There are films, full displays of war using full body figures, and lectures offered. The outdoors has the beautiful Goizueta Gardens. There is also a historic area which is called The Smith Farm, an old slave farm that was operation in the 1840s. 
It is a whole day experience at this musuem.. 
The website for the Atlanta History Center is
Their phone number is 404-814-4000


Watch the video!!


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