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Aloha Safari Zoo is in Cameron, North Carolina.

There dozens of different types of species here.  The Aloha Safari Zoo's mission is to create a loving home for unwanted, mistreated, and injured animals. They pride themselves in being able to educate the public about these wonderful creatures and help other zoos and sanctuaries place animals in safe and caring environments in order to facilitate the survival of important species.  

Lee Crutchfield is on a mission to rescue animals in need. He currently holds a license for up to 500 animals, although Aloha Safari Zoo tops out at about 450. Lee works non-stop to provide animals a refuge where they can peacefully live out the remainder of their lives. Animals of various species, many of which are exotic, have found a sanctuary in an educational zoo that Crutchfield, his family and a small team of dedicated individuals have labored to create. The zoo is over 60-acres and opened to the public January 2010. 

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There are so many things to do at Aloha Safari Zoo.

There are areas of animals to visit. You can visit the livestock in front of the Zoo entrance. 

Also there is a wonderful tram ride to take.

The tram tour is a  guided ride through our lower pastures to see all of our larger animals. It runs every 20 to 30 minutes when we're busy or every hour when it's less crowded. Some of the species that you will see on the ride include camels, bison, zebra, an ostrich, and antelope! You will have one of our knowledgeable guides along for the ride to teach you about the animals and answer any questions you may have! This tour is the only opportunity to see these animals and is a "must-do" portion of your visit!
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